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trencadis in barcelona

The word Trencadis comes from Trencar - "to break" in Catalan. The ceramic is broken randomly. It is done more or less precisely, with more or less the same width of joints; in any case, the goal is to not create drawings in the lines, as can be seen in Gaudi's work.

The mosaist of Mosaicos Estel in Barcelona offered me his ceramic tiles so that I could make my own design, and test, as an experiment, a mix of different techniques: Roman technique, Trencadis, treatment of pieces whose shape required a particular cut.
During a visit to the National Art Museum of Catalonia, I discovered the huge collection of Romanesque Art, which exhibits many ancient medieval frescoes, originally present in chapels. One in particular caught my attention, I thus revisited it and made it into a mosaic.

40x40 cm

january 2021 mosaicos estel, barcelona

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