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screen printing

After several paintings on the Cinema of Contis ( Painting), I wanted to change techniques to convert some of my paintings in a more abstract character. The flat colors of the screen printing were well suited to this purpose, so I declined one of my paintings with 5 colors per print. The colored panels and the supports being very wide, I obtained a rich production set, which then inspired a mosaic from the same subject ( Mosaic).

From an oil painting, through these serigraphs, printed at La Briche, I finally made the mosaic a few months later. With the ultimate result, the fresco in real life on the wall of the cinema in Contis ( Fresco); the painting is not the same as the one of the serigraphs, but evoking the same subject: the curtain and the games of shadows.

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june 2020, la briche, saint-denis (93)

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