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decorative arts in venise

During my studies in Arts and Crafts, I did an internship in Venice in decorative arts and conservation of the Venitian tradition. The factory Unisve (Unione Stuccatori Veneziani) was founded in 2001 by a group of craftsmen to support and keep alive many traditional Venetian techniques that were in danger of being lost. Their knowledge is used for restoration and conservation of decorated architectural surfaces, and for the decoration and renovation of prestigious properties.

For two months, I took part in the realization of a ceiling decoration for a Venetian apartment. I was part of  the Unisve's team, to paint 90 wooden panels, first with a red background and then with 450 white daisies.
The team gave me the mission to paint two monkeys, which the clients wanted in the middle of their dining room, immersed among the flowers. At last, we made a decorative frieze linked to the ceiling.

During the internship, I also had the opportunity to see the creation of Stuccomarmo, fake marble made of plaster and pigments, as orders from private properties or hotels.

Finally, I participated in the restoration of a Marmorino in a Venetian apartment. The main task was to remove the various coatings to reach the first original Marmorino with its plant and bird patterns.

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may-june 2020, venice

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