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After my degree in mosaic and fresco, I had the opportunity to join Mathilde Herrero's workshop for an internship. For several months, I worked with her in Paris on her projects (orders for individuals, restaurants or stores). We would spend most of the time in the workshop making mosaics, and at the end of the project we would go directly to the building sites.

This experience has deepened my knowledge and my technique as a mosaicist, and I saw the reality of big projects often constrained by time. Through a marble floor project for the entrance hall of a villa, a marble bathroom, and the installation of a mosaic around a bar for a bistro, the immersion in the world of mosaic was complete.

I also carried out in this workshop a personal work on projects that I wanted to realize (mosaic of the cinema of Contis, and of the streets of Bouzigues).

This section presents the various mosaics made after my diploma in 2020 and 2021, except for the project in Saint-Denis - a school project where an architect ordered 6 mosaic panels for the entrance halls of residences.

The other unveiled projects have each taken shape in a different place and context: in Mathilde Herrero's studio in Paris, in Barcelona at Mosaicos Estel, or in Porto at the Gazete Azulejos studio.

mathilde herrero :

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