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goldfishes, acrylic and ink

Work on the metamorphosis. The movement of  imagination, visible in the succession of daily images that the mind gives to see.
I painted the images of our dreams where we dive into soothing landscapes -like those of Matisse- a jar of goldfish.

"At the beginning of the dream the clouds, at the end the fishs and the birds, are inducers of movement. The clouds on the table will end up flying and swimming, with the birds and fishs, after having put, gently, the inert objects in motion. The first task of the poet is to untangle in us a matter that wants to dream."

Bachelard in l'Air et les Songes best expresses the way the mind and its reveries induce in us such floating images.

Acrylic and ink on paper towels

73 x107 cm

march 2017, lyon

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