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azulejos in porto




Azulejos (glazed tiles) are the result of a very diverse know-how of interest due to its historical and traditional richness. All the patterns and colors have a special resonance and a strong culture in Portugal.

After my Diploma of Arts and Crafts, I went to Porto for an internship in the Gazete Azulejos studio to expand my knowledge.

Gazete Azulejos creates all types of traditional painting tiles of Porto. The craftswomen there use majolica paint by pigments dropped on the glaze of the tile fired a first time. At the second firing, the tile comes out vitrified, shiny, the colors keep their transparency and vibrancy, more saturated, and waterproof.

Alba and Marisa, the creators of Gazete Azulejos perpetuate through their production of glazed tiles the traditional Portuguese art by proposing a research sector: their initiative is to list in the form of a catalog all the azulejos still existing in the city of Porto.
Gazete Azulejos also combines a ceramic restoration department and a more contemporary practice of wall decoration with various commissions and workshops.

Thanks to this Portuguese experience, I imagine wall decor field in its technical and traditional dimension, as well as in a more experimental way being inspired by period motives, while innovating in a more artistic perspective.

The different projects (painting tiles, and also mosaics) that I carried out  in Porto confirm this possibility of crossing the crafts between work of the ceramic, engraving, painting and mosaic...


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