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autre regard

Autre regard is an experience story: experiencing the gestures and know-how of craftsmen (stained glass specifically).

This project was born in 2018 during my design degree in Lyon, joint with my classmate Anne-Claire Servant. Our collaboration led us to explore the light phenomena induced by colored glass. After many glass experiments, we considered the potential of the mirror to link people and their environment.

Finally, we created Autre Regard, a series of hand-held mirrors, which we made with a combination of colored transparency and reflection. We assembled two materials meticulously selected and worked out, the mirror and the glass.

2018, lyon

2019, biennale de design de saint-etienne

It is by the superposition of a colored glass and an engraved mirror that Autre Regard questions and plays on the perception that one can have of oneself, of others or of one's space. We find the stained glass questioning the relationship between interiority and exteriority. A stained glass window changing here of scale, to be an object of the everyday life.

In 2019, thanks to the Saint-Etienne Design Biennial, we initiated an Autre Regard production in small series for an order from their store. This order of  16 hand mirrors confronted us with all the realities essential to the achievement of the product: cutting off the wood profiles in a Fab Lab (Techshop Ivry), cutting off the glass circles with a water jet cutter, and finally assemble of the glass next to the mirror, enclosed in the wood profiles.


During the Biennale, we had a stand to present the project and see how the public appropriated the hand mirrors. It is in this context that we initiated a user experience: a photo contest where the public came to borrow a mirror, explored the place with Autre Regard and captured a photo.The project thus proposed a distorted reality by simultaneously bringing together several spaces in the same frame. It has been for some years like a life companion, following us in our daily environment as well as in our travels. Italy, Spain, Japan, Portugal, Autre Regard has indeed accompanied our exploration.

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