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fresco in the cinema of contis

For the 26th edition of the Contis Film Festival, I painted a fresco on the outside wall of the cinema. Every day, during one week, the public followed the evolution of the fresco, before or after the film sessions, like a performance.

The theme of the fresco is the curtain, as a tribute to the red curtain which is setted up at the entrance of the beach, but also the red velvet curtain of the cinema.
Theoretically, and according to me, the curtain is dividing the space to invite plays of shadows. It raises the question of the link between truth and fiction.

8 m x 3, 50 m

september 2021,  contis-plage (ocean side, west cost)

The right side of my mural painting ends with the floating curtain and cut-out silhouettes. Theses shapes end up fading into the light, the white background making the link with a first fresco painted in 1997.


On the left side, I present a vision of the cinema room from the inside. Indeed, the blue on the walls, the warm yellow lamps, the two faces of the puppets are the most distinctive elements of this room.


Finally, in the central part, between the red curtain and the black shadows, the exit door of the theater is highlighted by the frame of a leaning silhouette, posing there like an actress or comedienne.I am happy to have finished the whole painting on the last day of the festival, and to have succeeded in scaling it up to 40 times the size of my original painting. It was a sprint, but very enjoyable since I was surrounded by a friendly and interested public, a good team, and a huge support.

Every day, I took my brushes, under the sun or in the rain, with my feet in the sand, and started a part of the fresco. The film projections punctuated the mornings and the ends of the day, and the soundtrack crossed the wall to us. I followed the festival really behind the scenes, unnoticed, and sometimes seen by the public, from the street.

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